Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh My...

I think I am a good six (seven? eight?) months behind in posting about what's been going on in our lives.

Where to start?

Let's start with swimming...and memories...and goals

Marley and I are both SO OVER the fact that it's nearly April and the temperature consistently hovers around 35-40 degrees.  We have cabin fever bigtime!!  Our apartment seems to get smaller and smaller by the day.  We both miss having a real house, with a real yard, with a real swing set and a sandbox.  I miss my flower beds.

The other day we were talking about how it's supposed to be spring.  And then after that, it's supposed to be summer.  And summer means FAIRS, CARNIVALS, SWIMMING, FUN!!!!
Last summer we had a rip-roaring great time swimming at the pool at our apartment complex and at my parents' house.  At the beginning of the year, Marley was a little unsure about her swimming skills, so she did a lot of clinging to various people and flotation devices.  Unfortunately for me, I often functioned as both of those things. (more on that later)
As the summer progressed (and undoubtedly because of the encouragement of cousins and friends), she became a little more confident.
Every gal needs a little rest time...
By the end of the summer, she was flinging herself into the water with delight.

 {insert me trying not to shriek in fear...and applauding her bravery...
fake it till ya make it, they say}
I'm not gonna lie.  
I'm not a big fan of swimming.  
I'm not a big fan of anything that requires me to get soaking wet, drip dry, and repeat.   

Marley, on the other hand, has always loved all things water-related.


I don't mind taking a dip if the pool is heated
or if it's, you know, FLORIDA.
 Swimming was Jim's job...

...because he actually enjoyed  it.
I enjoyed watching them enjoy it.
That's terrible.  Bad mama!!

Marley will be five this summer.  She's been practicing putting her face under the water during bath time (yes, it's as funny to watch as it is to imagine!).  
She's informed me that this will be the summer that she learns to swim without floaties on her arms.
I'm OK with that!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Her: Why are you laughing at me?
Me: Because sometimes you crack me up! You're funny.
Her: Yeah, sometimes I crack myself up.