Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canning Time

All of my growing-up years we had a garden and canned the vegetables that came out of it.  I have great memories of our family (under my Papaw Payne's watchful eye) planting, weeding, harvesting, and eating the bounty of our work. 
Last week, Marley and I got to go to Mom and Dad's to help carry on the tradition.

Picking beans with Grammy.

A big smile for her basket full of
 beans (and a few other fresh veggies!).

Mom and I were both surprised at how well she did with
snapping the beans and tossing out the ends.

Gotta wash them~ three times!
And check for any bad spots...
The washing was by far her favorite part.

Into the jars they go!

Yes, I DID help some!

She was soaking wet, so off came the shirt.
Time to put the buzzer on the top!

There's a certian beauty to a
simple thing like fresh green beans.
Love the color of them!

And the best part?  Eating big platefuls of beans that didn't quite make it into the jars!  This is the stuff great memories are made of!


  1. Great picture post. I'm glad you got to go have a day down there.

  2. Oh my goodness - she is a natural! Look how much fun she had!


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