Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creekside Cookout

February had some unusually warm days.  My sister's family and I took advantage of one of those days to spend some time at Mom and Dad's, hanging out by the creek and having a cookout.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their time running around like banshees and posing for silly pictures with Papaw.

And then there was the obligatory group picture. 
Poor "T" was surrounded by all those girls!

Times like these are precious to me as a mom. 
This beautiful property is home to so many wonderful childhood memories.  Though the creek doesn't seem as deep as it used to be (or am I just taller?), it's still a place that the kids really enjoy skipping rocks and wading.  As soon as the boys get to Mom and Dad's, they head straight up the pine trees (which ARE a lot taller than when I was a kid!) or into the woods to play, just like my siblings and I used to do.  The girls head for the flowers in the huge yard or to the babydolls that Mom keeps down in the basement where I used to play with my sisters.
We spent days upon days in those woods as kids.  I love that now that we are adults, our children get the chances to spend time at Mom and Dad's, doing all the things that kids should do.


  1. Such beautiful memories you're building!

  2. Beautiful memories. Marley looks like she's going potty on that stump. Just struck me funny!

  3. Now that you say it, it does look like that! Especially since she ditched her pants and shoes because they got wet. Ha ha!

  4. That was a fun day! I still can't believe how warm it was.


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