Friday, July 27, 2012


The things my daughter randomly leaves sitting around crack me up sometimes.
Sometimes they're cute or precious.
And sometimes they creep me out a little. Like when I came around the corner shortly after dropping her off at school and saw this...
Let's look at this one again...because it's so cute!
When I asked her what her fishy maracas were doing, she looked at me like I was nuts and said, "They're kissing...duh, Mom!"

I just love watching as she leaves little reminders for me of how her personality is coming out, how she thinks about things, and the perspective she brings to everyday life. 

We are still working on the "Duh, Mom" attitude! 
Over and over again. 
Several times a day.
But the fish maracas help her with the cuteness factor.

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  1. My kids do the same thing, although recently elijah has been leaving "rolly pollies" in random places. The worst has been about 8 dead and stinky in the bottom of the pencil sharpener. I would certainly take the kissing fish over that!


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