Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marley!

Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

Today you turn three!

This has been an amazing year for you.  As I was looking back over the pictures from the last year, I was amazed by how much you've grown.   
You weigh about 30 pounds now and you're just a little over three feet tall. 
You've had a very busy year! 

During the winter you loved wearing the stocking cap that Daddy picked out for you, along with your jammies and my necklaces.  Quite the fashionista!
You also liked to keep Daddy company when he was outside shoveling.

And you looked like a little pink snowman all bundled up in your winter gear!

But once springtime came, you want to be outside all the time~

without your shoes!
You also became a big fan of sunglasses. 

You enjoyed playing with Daddy when he was feeling good.

Daddy turned 40 this year, and we had a big party.  You got a kick out of "helping" him blow out the candles on his favorite birthday cake- jello cake.  He even tried on your Easter hat that we had picked out for you!

When the weather got hot, Daddy went and got a swimming pool for the two of you to play in.  You spent a lot of time there as summer flew by.

You also liked to splash Eddie.  (Lily was smart enough to stay a safe distance away!)

I took this video because you were so cute with your potbelly, outie bellybutton, and chubby legs.  The camera shakes because I was laughing at your antics.

You were so intent on what you were doing- concentrating and thinking so hard!  But you had such a bumpy way of running that most of the water never made it to where you were going. 

Fourth of July was a great day.  We met some friends outside Daddy's old work to wait for the fireworks. 

You and Landon had a great time playing with your glow sticks and sparklers, which you were sure you could blow out.  You LOVED the fireworks!  The booms didn't even bother you.

Summer was full of great times with family...

...and friends.

You got to ride ponies a couple of times this year- at the Hillsdale Library's summer program
 and when we went to the fair in the fall.

You got your first "real" haircut at a salon.   

And we visited a pumpkin patch, where we all picked out pumpkins to paint.

That fall, you had a great time playing in the leaves.

And for Halloween you were the most adorable kitty cat in town!

Mommy turned 35 this year, and we had a pretty low-key evening, since Mama had worked all day and Daddy wasn't feeling too well.

Around Thanksgiving time, Daddy spent four days in the hospital, but he got out in time to head down to Aunt Lisa's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

At Christmas time, you helped me decorate the tree,
We had a wonderful, perfect Christmas day, filled with fun and relaxing.

All in all, you've had a great year.  We've implemented Time Out, because your will is as strong as iron (I admit that you came by this honestly!).  I pray that God will help me to form and mold that strong will into one of your greatest strengths someday, as you will need great inner strength and initiative to get along well as a young woman when you're all grown up. 

This year it's been so fun to watch you learn to run.  Your giggle is delightful and your grin is contagious to everyone around you.  One of my fondest memories of your grin is the week that we spent with Grammy and Daddy at the Cancer Center in Chicago.  You were one of the few children there, and you made so many people smile that week.  Your wave and cheery "Hewwo!" caused much delight as you skipped and galloped your way down the halls.  You were also highly enamored with elevators, loudly cautioning everyone around you to step back while you waited for the doors to open "jus' in case somebody is comin' out". 

Daddy has been working with you on letters and numbers, and I'm blown away every time you pipe up and tell me the name of a letter or its sound.  There's so much going on in your little brain!  You also can count to 10 in English and Spanish.  Speaking of Spanish, Dora the Explorer is one of your favorite shows.  You and Daddy spent a lot of evenings snuggled up in bed watching Dora, Max & Ruby, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Curious George.  You love to sing Zaccheus was a Wee Little Man, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Five Little Monkeys.

Here are some of my favorite photos of you...



...and smiling that beautiful SMILE!!

Happy Birthday, Peanut!
I love you!


  1. Happiest Birthday beautiful girl!

    So glad that you had this year with your family - looks like you made the most of it with all the fun and loving you had!

    Praying that this next year is a wonderful one for you - that God would continue to bless you and provide for you and guide your steps.

  2. Happy Birthday, Marley. I love you so much!

    You are your Mama and Daddy's joy and light. You have carried a heavy load this year with amazing strength. I know God is with you guiding and strengthening your steps. He always will be.

    Jesus tells us that "the joy of the Lord is our strength." You are part of the joy of the Lord that has blessed our family and given us added strength this year.

    I will keep praying for you that just like Jesus did you will grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Big hugs and lots of kisses.

    Aunt Beth


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