Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, after yesterday's soul-baring and incredibly painful post,
I thought we could all use something to smile about.

Jim had the most beautiful hair.  It always looked good.  Well, except for the hospital stay after his surgery.  The tech there would laugh every time he walked into Jim's room and make some crack about being the only white man he knew with a 'fro.  During the years I was with him,
I saw it done all different ways...


When Jim started chemo, his hair started falling out. 
I thought this might bother him.

I was wrong... so wrong.
Cancer wasn't going to ruin his sense of humor!

Oh yes, he did.
And he made me go out in public with him.


  1. All the different hairstyles seem to suit him well. And as far as the last one goes, going out in public with him wearing that hair-do brings to mind what a dear friend (could that be you?? [wink, wink]) used to tell me frequently about potentially embarrassing situations: "It's good for ya--builds character!"

    I love you lots and pray for you regularly, and I find myself smiling to see that this morning finds you smiling your beautiful smile again. ((hugs))

  2. Ok as a hairstylist i have to say that while all the styles worked for him ,i would say that he looked the hottest in the short hair. :) And as a wife whose hubby did that to her (yes he too did make me go out with him that way -oh and mind you he also added my clip on earings to the mix) i feel for you girl.

  3. When reading this, I realized it's amazing that God created us with the ability to laugh hard and cry deeply at the very same time. Made in His image, I'm sure that's what He does as He holds and Marley in this phase of your life. I'm sure Jim misses the great audience you provided for his fun spirit. Mmm whaaa!

  4. I forgot about these pictures. And yes, he had AMAZING hair. Marley got some great hair genes. :)


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