Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Mama, tomorrow is Father's Day?"
"Yes, baby, tomorrow is Father's Day."
"But Mama, I don't have a daddy."
Instant torrential tears stream down her face.
"Oh, honey...yes you do. 
You have a daddy who loves you very much."
"But he's in Heaven.  He's not here with me. 
I can't hug him.
I can't tell him Happy Father's Day."

And so...
"Daddy, 'cause he doesn't have any hair,
then you, then me, 'cause we have curly hair."

I didn't hear the words that she
tenderly whispered to her daddy. 
Somehow I felt that Jim heard.
I did see the kiss she gently placed on his face.
And I saw this...
Someday, I hope her heart will heal, so that Father's Day isn't such a hard day for her.

Someday I hope I will have the wisdom and words to help her understand that her Heavenly Father loves her more than she or I can ever comprehend.

Someday I hope that there will be someone who is able to stand in for her daddy on a daily basis to give her the "daddy love" she so desperately wants.



  1. Praying for peace and rest for her sweet heart. It's easy to know the hard days with her. It makes me ache. Love and prayers, always.

  2. Meg, I have no words. Praying for you and that precious girl! Love, Jen

  3. Thanks, friends. It breaks my mommy's heart to see her hurting like this. I just keep praying for wisdom on how to help and what to say. We just have to do the best we can do and ask the Lord to hold us up and fill in the gaps.

  4. My heart just broke reading this. Someday she will have someone who will try to fill that role, and when she is older, I pray that she understands better. I love you both so much. I wish I could take away your pain.


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