Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally...We Got There!

A LONG car ride.

She rode the entire way like a champ!

Finally we arrived in sunny, warm Florida.  After a quick breakfast at Shoney's (hooray for free kids' breakfast!) we just couldn't wait to run off some energy...

 Marley (2 1/2)

and Hope (3) were enamored with the soft, white sand.  


Tyler (8) and Becca (7) were all about the slides and climbing.
It was Bree's first experience with sand! (9 mos.)

 Mom and Dad walked "the boys" and then settled down on a swing to enjoy the perfect weather. 

Then we were off to the beach...

I love chatting and holding her little hand.

Finally we were able to check into our house and get settled.  It had been a long drive, and everyone was exhausted.  So it was time for a video

...and early to bed!

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