Friday, March 25, 2011


My child is smart enough to be  potty trained.  She uses the potty at daycare.  Aparently I am not consistent enough at home.  In my defense, when I put her on the potty (sometimes at her request, sometimes at my prompting) usually nothing happens.  Also in my defense, this is one thing that is in her control during this chaotic time in her life, and she is taking full advantage of this fact.

This morning she took her diaper off three times, just 'cause she wanted to.  So I finally convinced her to stay dressed and we went on with our day.  A few hours later, she emerged from the playroom downstairs and announced, "Mama, I pooped.  Will you change my diaper?  And I squished it.  I squished it on the horsey, and the airplane, and the slide."

I give up. 


  1. oh. my. gosh. That is horrible. And really, really funny!

    P.S. I'm so sorry. Kind of. :)

  2. At least your kid poops. Landon is now on a special diet. He's a control freak too!


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