Friday, March 11, 2011

Florida Bound!

We're on our way to Florida! For the past 16 years, our family has enjoyed the tradition of making the trek to Cape San Blas, Florida. Whoever is able each year pitches in together to rent a big house up on stilts and spend a week on the beach, soaking up the sun, eating fresh seafood, and buying souvenirs. This year Marley and I get to go with Mom and Dad, my sister Beth and her husband Doug, and their four darling kiddos. We'll be making memories and enjoying each others' company.

But first we have to get there. Thirteen hours. Four people in this car, and two unnaturally large cocker spaniels. I hope Marley stays this content. Thank God for mini DVD players! I hope claustrophobia and/or anxiety don't get the best of me. Thank God for meds! (I'm only half joking...).

Thirteen hours in this car. Whew!

Pray for me, people! When it comes time to drive back home, we may may be flying!

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