Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, Marley started preschool last month.  And she LOVES it.  And I love that she LOVES it.  I'm gaining a whole new perspective on how my students' parents must have felt when their kiddos came home and told them all about what they did that day.  The cool thing is that I already know lots of the songs that Marley comes home singing.  Fun! 
I've been amazed by how her little brain is soaking up so many new things, and I am reassured that YES, putting her in preschool was the right decision to make.  I'm not gonna lie- I had a little bit of mommy guilt over putting her in school just so that I could go to school.  But she has adjusted beautifully and all is well in her little world.  She is in love with her teachers, and is making friends.

A few weeks ago the theme was "All About Me". 
So, here you have it- Marley's very first homework assignment...

I helped her a little, but she did all of the coloring and stickers and came up with her favorite things all by herself.  I got cracked up when she said her favorite place to go in our community was Krogers.  She loves it there because there's food- duh!- but there are also what she calls "cool carts".  They're carts with cars on the front of them and she loves to "drive" and beep the horn.  I love them because I can shop quickly.  She melted my heart when she said one of her other favorite places to go is church and her favorite book is the Bible.  In this sea of sometimes uncertainty that is called parenthood, it does my heart good to know that she loves learning about Jesus and reading His word.  And it reminds me that though I am doing ok as a mom, I need to do better, that I can always do better.
School is good. 
Very good.


  1. That is awesome. Marley is such an artist and expresses herself so well. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is three.

  2. She inherited her artistic joy from her Daddy!

  3. I know several mamas who would be SO jealous if they knew that she loved going to the grocery store. Maybe it's all about the cool carts. :-)

    It's so great to see that she loves church and God's Word! It means that you're on the right track with her. Keep up the good work!

    Enjoy her love of preschool as you wade through your coursework. It sounds like she is in her element! :-)

  4. What a neat project! I'm glad to hear that Marley is enjoying school! It's always comforting as a parent to know they are having fun. She is growing up so fast!

  5. Sign of a great mother, when you say "I can do better!" It's funny when I read that, it brought back memories of me saying it when the kids were younger. I have always loved how our kids make us better people and I was always surprised how much we learn from them. I remember Rhylie going on to the next stage in her growing up and I was still back a few steps. I would tell her to be patient with me, that I would catch up with her! :) Love you Meg!

  6. I LOVE that Marley loves school! We sure do enjoy her spunky little self! Mrs. Jones :-)

  7. I love that! I agree - she looks like she's in her element. What a heartwarming project!


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