Thursday, September 1, 2011

Faithful God

This song really spoke to me when I was visiting
with Beth and Doug at their church. 
I hope the words encourage you too...

Zach Neese

If I call, will You come?
When I cry, do You hear?
I believe every tear
Is caught up by a faithful God.
So I will cry until You come,
Cast my cares into Your arms.
I can't see past this storm~
But I am counting on a faithful God

Faithful God,
You hold my life secure.
All my days are Yours.
I believe.
My God is like a fire defending me~

I believe You still heal
And demons still bow.
I am convinced there is power
In trusting in a faithful God.
So I will praise till You appear
And set Your foot upon this shore.
I declare that every foe
Is subject to my faithful God.

I know that You are mine
And I am Yours, I am Yours.
I know Your faithfulness
It will endure, it will endure.

© 2009 Zach Neese | Gateway Create Publishing/BMI (Admin. by Integrity’s Praise! Music)

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  1. How absolutely beautiful. What a genuine cry of the heart!


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