Friday, September 30, 2011


Marley has been in preschool for about six weeks.  Adjusting to being away from her Mama was a little difficult at first, for both of us.  She'd get anxious and ask me to "Stay just a yiddle while, pweese".  As she got more comfortable, she began to be much quicker with her goodbyes.  It was precious to me that she wanted to watch me leave through the window, but it nearly ripped my heart out those first few times to see her little brown face looking out at me, still not quite sure that this was a good idea. Eventually that frown turned into a smile and a wave, and now I miss seeing those big brown eyes peering out as I head to school.

I've had the opportunity a couple of times to go to school with her and help out in her classroom for a few hours.  I was so proud of her and the way she didn't cling to me or act out, as was sometimes my experience when parents come into a kindergarten classroom. 
She just went about her morning with the occassional look back at me and a big smile.

Putting her name next to a job for the day.

Sitting at Circle Time with her friends and loving it!
She tells me this is her favorite time of day, because there's singing, stories,
letters, and the Pledge of "Ayeejunce".

The art project that day was to paint butterflies,
since they were learning about the letter B.

Tracing her name with stickers~ fun!

Everyone has a job.
Today she was the snack helper.

The last thing they did before getting ready to go outside was to have Centers.
Look at that grin! 
Think maybe she really likes the tent?

She makes me so proud. 
What a blessing that God chose me to be her mom!


  1. She looks like she's doing great! I'm so glad you both are getting settled in the new normal. Love you!

  2. My goodness - she is doing terrific! What a little joy she must be for the teacher!

    I know how it is to get through that sad "stay for a yiddle bit" phase...


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