Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful Dream

I have a dear friend named Heather. 
You might remember the beautiful scrapbook page she made in Jim's memory. 
She also had a dream about him, and she said it was ok for me to share it with you.

A Dream about Jim
I seem to often have dreams about people right around their death, and even though it's not unusual for me, it always takes me by surprise. Last night I dreamed about Jim.

The circumstances were a bit odd. It seems that a bunch of us were on a camping trip, some of your family and mine. Everyone was getting ready to go to home, I believe. I was in a car waiting, and my cell phone rang. It was Jim. The connection was terrible, so he kept breaking up and I couldn't make out everything he said. Even in the dream, I was aware he was gone.

What I did catch of what he said was that life was changing for his family and he wished it was easier. He also said preparing for the trip was hard, because it made him realize how disposable everything is.

I looked out the back window of the car and saw you walking in the sunshine, pregnant with Marley. I was surprised to see you pregnant. As soon as I looked at you, Jim said something about you being okay, but I'm sorry that I couldn't make out more of it.

I kept telling him I was sorry to make him repeat himself because the connection was breaking up. Before the connection cut out all together,
I asked if he was in pain, and he said,
"Well, no. I'm here now."

That's all I remember.

Love you more than I can say,

Needless to say, this was such an encouragement to me!
The thought of Jim finally being in NO PAIN is one of the things
that helps me as we wait to be reunited with him someday in Heaven.

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  1. Tears. What a great dream. He loved you so much Megan. Even though I was young*er when you got married, I remember the looks that you two would give each other. I remember thinking, someday, I will have that too. That was my wish. Not everyone finds love in their lifetime, but you were so lucky to be one of us that did. Love does, endure all things. I love you.


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