Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Photos

Fall was Jim and my favorite season.  There's just something about those sunny, crisp days.  I love when the sky is bright blue and the leaves are ablaze with color!  One afternoon Marley and I went outside for a little bit of fun.  It was the first fall that she was old enough to play in the leaves, and I'll never forget how she'd pick them up and spin them around in her fingers, intently studying each one.  So, of course I couldn't resist getting out my camera...

This was Jim's favorite photo out of the group.
He loved this sweater!

I think this one is my favorite.

Love the potbelly!


  1. THis seems like yesterday! Breeley is wearing those pants now. I don't think I snagged the sweater or I'd do get a few pictures for you.
    My favorite is the dandeliion picture. I love her sweet little hands.

  2. I love her little fingers too! I hope she never gets too old to hold my hand.


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