Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Need a Bigger Frying Pan...

Today at church our pastor told a story that hit me right in the gut. 
You know, that place where you go, "Oh man.  That's me."

The story went something like this:  There was a man who was out fishing.  He enjoyed the outdoors and the idea of fishing for his dinner.   The only problem was that he wasn't catching anything.  Dinner was going to be a little lean, it seemed.  Down the river a little way, he couldn't help but notice another man who was also fishing.  He was pulling in big 8 and 10 inch fish. 
But every time he caught one, he'd examine it closely, shake his head, and throw it back in the river.

Not understanding what could possibly cause the other man to throw such perfect specimens back into the river (and wondering what kind of bait and techniques he was using to catch such great fish), the first fisherman sidled up to him.  Low and behold, the second fisherman reeled in yet another perfect keeper.  Finally, the first man asked the second one, "Why in the world are you throwing such beautiful fish back into the river? Those are at least 8 inches- perfect for dinner."  The second fisherman looked at him and replied,

"Because I only have a six inch frying pan."

Right in the gut.

So many times I look at different aspects of my life- things I've worked really hard to accomplish, process, achieve, protect, you name it.  I examine them carefully and then throw them back in the river because they don't fit my frying pan.  What am I missing?  What if I miss out on the blessings of God because my frying pan is too small?  What if I don't turn things over to Him because it's an eight inch fish and my pan is only six inches? 

I think it's time to get a bigger frying pan.


  1. Once again I would say we are a lot alike, because reading this, I too got the BAM feeling! Thank you for sharing. Love you!


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