Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank You

Since the one year anniversary of Jim's passing is coming up soon, it stands to reason that I've been thinking a lot about some of the things that people have told me he said. I never heard him say it to them, but it seems like they tell me right at the moment I need to hear them most...

A while back I found out that he told one of our friends, "You know she's gonna need help when I'm gone. Make sure you take care of her.". He and his wife have done just that, many times over.

Just today another friend and I were talking about how the two of us were uncommonly happy together. I was commenting about how easy it was for Jim and I to get along. We only had two fights during our 9 year relationship. My friend responded, "That's because you two were made for each other. You were the perfect couple. He told me that- that you were the only one for him."

And then there was another friend who blessed my heart. There were a lot of people at Jim's visitation and funeral. A lot of people hugged me and said a lot of nice things. Many of those details are still foggy for me, but there was one friend who said to me, "You made him so happy.". That simple heartfelt sentence is ingrained on my heart with absolute clarity.

The kind of love and friendship that Jim and I had doesn't come around very often. We were both incredibly blessed. When he and I first started dating, there was a lot of skepticism from family and friends, some of it lighthearted, some of it definitely not. But when it's right, YOU JUST KNOW. I'm glad he took a chance on me, on us. I'm glad that he told those friends the things that he did. And I'm glad they told me.

Thank you.

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  1. Good memories! Jim was such an incredible man with great foresight. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I don't have to imagine the blessings you are pouring out onto the people around you as you keep living in faith until the day the Lord brings your family together again.


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