Monday, February 20, 2012

Notre Dame

Going to a Notre Dame football game was something that Jim had always wanted to do.  One beautiful day in 2008, he got his wish.  My family gifted us with tickets to the game and some spending money.  I remember showing Jim the tickets once I had gotten them.  His eyes watered up and he said, "This is too much."  We both felt so blessed and humbled that my family had given us this gift.

The morning of the game, we dropped Marley off with Meredith and Anson and headed off.  It was the first time we'd left her for any length of time, and we were both a little worried.  We need not have been- Meredith was great with her!

Neither of us had been to a place with that many people in it in recent memory.  Even though they were very efficient in getting everyone parked in perfectly straight rows, I was certain we were never going to find the Jeep after the game.  Good thing Jim had a memory for things like this.  We boarded the shuttle bus, packed in amongst game-goers of all ages and levels of sobriety.  We'd gotten there early, so we took some time to grab something to eat, visit the bookstore for some clothes, and just hang out and enjoy the festivities.  That particular game was against Purdue, so it was extra exciting.
Yep, he's a little person.  Would I have photographed him if my husband hadn't insisted?  Nope!  But he was everywhere we were.  Love it!
"Touchdown Jesus"
 While we were out and about, we were able to see the processional of the team entering the stadium.  It was quite impressive.  Jim told me afterwards that even if he hadn't been able to see the game, just seeing that part was worth the trip. 
We finally got up to our seats-thank God it was on the shady side of the stadium! 

 Here comes the team...

 My favorite part was the halftime show.  Call me a dork, but I love marching bands.  Especially good ones. 
You gotta admit~ that's pretty cool!
He wanted his photo with the golden dome.  He was just so happy that day- it was truly a dream come true... and Notre Dame won!
 After spending what felt like half our life's savings in the bookstore for some hats, Tshirts, and a sweatshirt, we headed back to find our car.  I have no idea how, but Jim walked me straight to it.  I had no idea where we were!  A quick bite to eat, and we were headed back to get Marley.  Being the anxious new parents that we were, I'm sure I called Meredith once or twice that day to check on her.  Or maybe it was more like four.
It was a great day, one that I'll always remember as a day of wonder and laughter, and good times.
Once we were home, he couldn't resist putting one of his stocking caps on Marley.  Said she looked like the Pope.
What a great day!

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  1. I had forgotten about that picture of Marley! That's too great. It felt so good to be able to finally "do" something for Jim. We were so excited for you to go.


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