Monday, February 6, 2012


The things that Marley says sometimes blow my mind.  Sometimes they crack me up.  Sometimes they make me want to hide in my closet and cry.
But I never want to forget.
So here's a collection of some the little pearls that have come out of my daughter's mouth last year...

Marley:  Mama, I miss Daddy.
Me: Yes, I miss Daddy too, honey.
Marley: I just want to talk to him, Mama. 
Me:  You can talk to him, baby.  He can hear you.
Marley, sobbing: But he won't answer me, Mama.
I want to talk to him, but he won't answer me.

Mama!  Come here!  My poop looks like a bean!

You're my favorite mama.

Mama, it's morning time.  There's bricks and leaves falling down outside.

Mom was shaving her dogs in preparation for our vacation in Florida.
Marley: My mommy used to do that to my Daddy.

One night Marley couldn't sleep, so I let her have her DVD player so maybe I could have some peace and quiet. 
An hour later she comes into my room and says,
 "Mama, I have a problem. The movie's goin' UH-UH-UH." 
It had a skip in it. Even though I was irritated, I had to laugh.

Marley, to the flowers she's picking:
Do you want to go with the other flowers? No?? Well, I picked ya.
[dramatic pause]
Well, the answer is no. You are going with the others.
Now, let's talk about this. You're not supposed to throw a fit!

Marley: Mama! You have stinky bwef (breath). You need to wash you bwef.
Me: I did.
Marley: Well, you need to wash it again. But I still love you.

You need to shave you awmpits!

I was waxing my lip and eyebrows one afternoon.  Marley walked in and said,
"Nice mustache!".

Yesterday I asked Marley if she wanted me to pull out the couch into a bed so we could watch cartoons and take a rest. Her response was, "Oh, you're such a little sweetheart!", followed by a kiss on the cheek.
Love that kid!

Hewwo, Mr. Moon. Mommy is driving home now. What you said, Mr. Moon? You gonna fowwow us home? Sure! Don't worry if you get wost, Mr. Moon. We will find you when we come around the trees. Now fowwow da twuck, ok Mr. Moon? Ok! 

During a fit:
"Don't you know that a very important part of your job is to make me HAPPY???".

While I was taking the dogs out, Marley threw their food all over the kitchen. While I was cleaning that up, she "moved" a bunch of dirt from a potted plant to the floor. While I swept the floor, she went back to the dog food. Then she pooped her diaper.   

I love how Marley calls candy canes "Candy-Kines", her manger playset a "Ranger", and insists that her Santa hat is lovely and should be worn just about everywhere she goes.

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