Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hangin' with Grandpa

Jim's dad is what I  like to call a "salty" man.  He's a former Marine who's had some difficult times in his life.  He and Jim weren't really close growing up, but as Jim became a man, they grew closer.  When Jim was ill, Dave made the trip to Michigan as much as he was able.  He's a rough man with rough language and habits.  But he had a soft spot for Jim, and
 once Marley came along... well, it was all over. 
We still visit him now that Jim has passed, and he's always got cookies and milk for Marley.
He's always thought she was funny, and he laughs at just about anything she does. 
She's the apple of his eye.
These are some of my favorite photos of the three of them.


  1. I never realized how much Jim and his dad's smiles were alike. That last pictures is hilarious! Marley is blessed with her grandpa.

  2. I love Jim's smile in the last picture! You can tell how happy he is!

  3. I agree with Bethany. I never realized how much Jim looked like his dad. Marley is so full of life and you can really tell how comfortable her daddy and her papaw made her in that photo. God is good. I am so happy she has her Grandpa.


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