Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just Because I Love These Photos...

These are some of the proofs from our family pictures, which were taken October 2010.

This is by far my favorite one,
because it was a happy, unplanned moment.

Check out Julie's website to see even more amazing photos.

She's booking for fall shoots now, so if you're interested,
make sure you get ahold of her soon!

*All photos used with permission*


  1. She does an amazing job. I still love the tree picture the best. The look on Jim's face in that picture brings me to tears every. single. stinking. time. There is something really special about the memories our family made with yours that weekend. It was one of the few times I just sat and talked with Jim one on one. Precious, precious memories....

  2. Adore those photos... and those unplanned moments are the best.


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