Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Like Father, Like...Daughter??

Jim and Marley did a lot of cartoon watching.  NickJr has a lot of great child-friendly shows on it, and I think he secretly liked the shows as much as she did.  One day I walked in from the kitchen to see them hanging out on the couch and couldn't resist snapping these photos.

Look at his face~ he's loving it!
Cracks me up how they're both fully aware that I'm there taking pictures, and both completely ignoring me!!
Now those are some good cartoons.


  1. Too cute!! Such precious memories!

  2. That shirt was one that made his eyes pop. :) Since we were just talking about that I noticed! Marley's expression in the second picture cracks me up. I love how she always was looking to him. Hope school is going well today. Love ya!


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